Vibro-Acoustics Consortium

Current Projects

VAC students are currently working on the following topics.

  • Validation of Muffler Flow Rig
  • Improving Sound Absorption by Layering Microperforated Panels with Porous Sound Absorbers
  • Development of Anechoic Termination for Muffler Flow Rig
  • Simulation of Reverberation Room using MSC Actran
  • Using Resonators instead of Barriers
  • Measurement of Panel Transmission Loss using an Impedance Tube
  • Utilization of Ray Tracing for Industrial and Architectural Acoustics
  • Development of Spreadsheet Toolbox to Characterize Empirical Models for Sound Propagation Paths
  • Simulation of Large HVAC Silencers in Siemens Simcenter
  • Simulation of Microperforated Panels in MSC Actran
  • A Significant Update to the Muffler Analysis Package in the VAC Toolbox
  • Best Practices for Panel Contribution Analysis
  • Different Configurations for Helmholtz Resonators
  • Determination of Blocked Acoustic Sources
  • Acoustic reciprocity of large three-port silencers